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A & B Painting Solutions, LLC has built a reputation in Tinley Park for efficient and reliable property management. This is because we operate under very strict standards which the property owners of Tinley Park have come to rely on to have their properties managed as smoothly as possible. As a full service property management company with years of experience in the industry we know what to expect when managing a property and how to be constantly at the ready so that our clients can have peace of mind.

Property management can be a complicated task if an individual is not fully aware of all the roles it requires a person to take on. To successfully manage a property you need to be skilled in accounting , legal compliance, routine maintenance, and marketing to name a few. Luckily, A & B Painting Solutions, LLC has a team of professionals ready to assist the property owners of Tinley Park with these issues and more.

A & B Painting Solutions, LLC ensures the smooth management of your property by performing:

Interior Duties:

we have a 24/7 emergency service for minor repairs so that help is there when you or your tenants need it. Additionally, inspections performed to ensure that the building is in comppance with current industry standards and codes.

Exterior Duties:

A & B Painting Solutions, LLC will maintain the condition of your exterior with garbage and recycpng removal, mowing, swimming pool maintenance as well as other groundskeeping services.

Critical supervision:

If you have tenants moving in or out you need a representative to guard your interests. We will have one of our staff there to epminate property damage during the transition and/or obtain correct compensation for any unexpected incidents.

Aiding with large repair projects:

Being in the industry as long as we have A & B Painting Solutions, LLC has made many connections with interconnected industries. We can provide referrals for any major repairs you may face and can also perform oversight until the project is complete.

These services are for our basic property management package. A & B Painting Solutions, LLC can also take on the responsibility of Tenant/ Landlord Services and Payments and recordkeeping services. Please see the corresponding pages for further information.